justin barr

Justin Barrs footage from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015. Barr’s the dood; and it was more than awesome to make this with him. Fuck Yeah.

Jbarr has a new edit. J-BARR”S new edit “sphinxed” is already being looked at as this years break out egyptian hit, standing out with such cult classic’s as “words” and “vanilla sky”….starring Tom Cruise. Take a psychedelic trip as a pharaoh named STIX takes us on a float down the nile. Filmed on location in Denver on a camel, this is your chance to step inside the pepper-mill to crack a pepper with the man himself. Hailed as a piece of blading gold by Vin Diesel, this one is sure to make Cleopatra WET with DESIRE. – Editor and Chief, Bert Herbert, of Time Magazine.

Justin Barr _CHPVO CLIQVE from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

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JUSTIN BARR_CHVPO CLIQVE_PROMO..part drops 03/20/2015


Barr and i have had something in the works for a bit. finally got through this winter and laced it up. enjoy some leftover footy and random clips while i chop this mother.

drops 03/20/2015


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New year, New blades, New Geoff. I acquired a handful of clips with Geoff on an ABQ trip, late 2013. On this trip; Geoff received the award winning, prized, B.Smith tan boy specials. Originally, the plan was to film an ABQ quit your life, but we got rained out the last day. This summer i bought a new camera and filmed random clips of Geoff while he was filming his Seattle part with Carter Leblanc. The ABQ footy, and random deals from the summer/fall had been sitting around collecting dust until now…….enjoy some of the first and last footages of Geoff in his OLD KICKS.

Filmed/Chopped by Ian Walker


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Carter Leblanc’s PIZZATIME

carter leblanc

An assortment from the last year.
Filmed in Seattle,WA
Main Camera & Edit: Carter LeBlanc
Additional filming: Derek Brown

pizzatime from Carter LeBlanc on Vimeo.

Bonus PizzaParty

Romano Plaza from Carter LeBlanc on Vimeo.

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how chvpo poster

EL_CHVPO from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

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Mykel Fatali_CHVPO_CLIQVE_2014


Mykel is one of the illest doods i know. He’s been a major player behind the scenes of the Scumpire/CHVPO family since day one, and now he’s decided to step into the forefront of the Cliqve. We decided to start working on this part after a long winter here in Denver. After cliping up all over the Denver metro area, Myk hit the road with the boyz and did some traveling for this part…. Seattle,Portland,and ABQ, New Mexico to mention a few. This may be his first part that he specifically worked on and surly not the last.Great job Dr. Tony!

Mykel Fatali_CHVPO_CLIQVE_2014 from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited by: Ian Walker
Additional Filming by : Greg Schlosser, Greg Freeman, Howie Bennett, Geoff Philiip, and Carter Leblanc

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colorado road trip 2014…late arrivals

luke cort
yeah so i got there late, still got a piece. enjoy the lil footage i acquired while racing to catch the end of the CO ROAD TRIP 2014. Thank to the man on the left, Luke Bender, for throwing it all down for the pleasure of his boyz. thank you sir.
filmed and edited by: WVTRS

CORT14_ Late Arrivals from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

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Cody Lampman Xsjado 2014

Cody Lampman – Xsjado – 2014 from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Codes been getting down with the pimps and playas for years now…. but this edit really proves that he is the supreme baller of the bunch. we’re all proud of you hombre. on a side note, big ups to the man, the myth, and the legend…Dr. Mykel Fatali for putting it down with this edit.


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chance of rain

chance of rain

well, the great minds of Derek Brown and Carter Leblanc have finally achieved their short term dream and have released chance of rain. the vid is flawless. smooth cuts, hype tricks, and dank tunes. do yourself’s a favor, roll the fuck up and treat your self to the best of Seattle. great job fellas.


the link above sends you to the vimeo page, and the rest of the parts are all on there.

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it was rocky at first but we won over the locals, and scored some grass; once i asked the homie with no eye to wipe poop on the fence. they gave us the keys to the castle; but then those doods left and the drunkest oldest locals showed up. we all knew it was time to bounce out quickly.
for the sure the scariest film/park skate ive ever had. i didnt even know i could shake that much.
bladers – Cameron air wolf Talbott, Kellan the mist Zinkgraf, Dr. Mykel Fatali, and Akari Ihara
fisheye and editing – ian wvtrs
long shot – carter leblanc and geoff phillip


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