Hail Up….the Chris Bray interview.

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When i first met Chris Bray i really had no idea what to think. He was sarcasstic as fuck, and picked up on all our jokes very quickly. He also added to the jokes as well; while being some what mean about at the same time. Which is basically, exactly what you got to do to get in with us in denver. It didn’t hurt that he was way better than all of us on the blades, and took care of his business off the blades.
Bray became a great friend to all of us, and we miss him dearly. He changed our lives when he taught us to “hail up” and one day if you play your cards right, he may teach you as well. Chris Bray has been involved in rollerblading for as long as many of us have been blading, and he’s probably still better than you. With that being said, heres a short interview with Bray, a few photos, and an edit to feast on as well. Come back Bray.

x’ing up suckas

SCUM-Bray you been in the blade game for a long time. How did you get into blading, and when did you feel blading as a whole, was at its tightest?

CB-I got my first pair of blades when I was about 10. Started shredding gnar about 3 years later. In 2005 I stopped blading until 2010.Truthfully, I think blading is the sickest right now! And hopefully even sicker tomorrow. Blading is young still and is being finely tuned in different ways every day. Pro’s, Am’s and up n comers everywhere are keeping blading sick and equally interesting. More people blading will come with strength, sacrifice and above all, patience.

SCUM-what was is it like being part of MindGame?

CB-Free fuckin’ stuff! It was cool to be recognized but it sucked to be envied. People from outside your circle were always trying to battle cuz they knew they were better at blading and didn’t know why it was you and not them. In some cases people were just…bud, shut the fuck up and skate, ya’ know.

SCUM-Its no secret to anyone that knows you; that you are fan of satan, and i was wondering what are some of your favorite ways to HAIL UP?

#1-Danzig for breakfast
#3-Just thinking of what Colin Carr is doing at this very second.(In most cases where I cannot perform #’s 1 or 2)

SCUM-You came on the CO road trip this past year, how did you feel about that shin dig?

CB-Pretty deece…Igh Thaink.( I Think,said in the creepiest voice imaginable)Shining (moon shine) with the boys, Aragon murking, JBarr falling down a cliff-twice, bridge jump, shred parks,elitist Cali group, crazy van party, Palasades peaches and Glenn Fuego…whats not to love?

SCUM-Sweetest thing about being a Poppa?

CB-Being a Dad is a mission from God, man. I has given myself higher expectations and has taught me to listen instead of speak. It has truly made me a better person. Selflessness and patience are an obstacle, to name a couple, that once you overcome are priceless tools. You should try it. Its fun.

SCUM-If you could get stranded anywhere in the world with a bunch a money, and a shelter; where would it be?

CB-Stranded? With money? I guess Guam. I heard about some crazy shit goin’ down in Guam!

Photos: Matt Gaustad

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  1. Chris Bray says:

    i dont remember this interview lol

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